Utility Theory

Utility utility Utility

Utility Theory

Utility theory. Top Institutions:   1,48) Harvard   3,41) Oxford   4,10) Boston

Utility theory. Top Authors:     2,27) Wakker   3,26) Epstein   4,02) Markowitz

Utility theory Items News:       ... discontinuity of Prelec’s function at p=1

Utility theory Metadata News:       Ambiguity and Nonexpected Utility

Utility theory past, timeless events      
    Le Comportement de l'Homme Rationnel devant le Risque ...
    Theory of Games and Economic Behavior
    Exposition of a New Theory on the Measurement of Risk

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Economics. Top Institutions:   2,06) Harvard     2,12) NBER     2,65) World Bank

Economics. Top Authors:     2,92) Shleifer     3,57) Heckman     4,48) Barro

Economics. Top items:       The Economics of Global Warming    
    Information and Communication Technologies ...
    Crime and Punishment ...     The role of education ...

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Economics.   Russia

Russia. Top Institutions:     1,36) HSE     1,60) NES     5,57) Gaidar Inst.

Russia. Top Authors:     1,26) Djankov     2,01) Thisse   4,20) Maskin

Russia. Top Items:           ... к Философии Сотрудничества    
    Quantile regression ...     ... Informational Effects Of Rewards

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Economics   2014

Economics. Top Top Level Institutions 2014:       1. (1,30)   Harvard Univ.

        2. (1,87)   Federal Reserve System     3. (3,52)   Univ. of Chicago

        4. (4,86)   NBER     5. (5,45)   Univ. of California-Berkeley

Economics. Top Institutions 2014:     1. (1,91)   Dept. of Ec-cs, Harvard Univ.

        2. (2,18)   NBER     3. (2,85)   World Bank Group

        4. (3,62)   Internat. Monet. Fund     5. (4,98)   London School of Ec-cs

Economics. Top Authors 2014:       1. (3,08)   Andrei Shleifer

        2. (3,65)   James J. Heckman     3. (4,25)   Robert J. Barro

        4. (5,19)   Joseph E. Stiglitz     5. (7,55)   Peter C. B. Phillips

Economics. Top items 2014:       Economics of Global Warming       The concept of development       The pyramid of corporate social responsibility ...       Home Victory for Brazil in the 2014 FIFA World Cup

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Economics.   Russia.   2014

Economics. Russia. Top Institutions 2014:     1. (1,40)   New Ec-c School

        2. (1,50)   Higher School of Ec-cs     3. (5,69)   Gaidar Institute

        4. (7,76)   CEMI     5. (9,41)   Moscow School of Ec-cs

Economics. Russia. Top Authors 2014:       1. (1,21)   Simeon Djankov

        2. (4,05)   Konstantin Sonin     3. (7,60)   Michael Lokshin

        4. (8,19)   Victor Меерович Polterovich     5. (7,72)   Maxim Boycko

Economics. Russia. Items 2014:       ... Economic History of China, Russia, and the West     ... Theory of Patronized Goods     High-Dimensional Methods ... Structural and Treatment Effects     Local ... Semiparametric Models

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Utility Theory   2014

Top 2014 Institutions in the field of Utility & Prospect Theories
(#, (rank), name):

      1. (1,46)   Department of Economics, Harvard University    

      2. (3,29)   Department of Economics, Boston University    

      3. (3,40)   Faculteit der Economische Wetenschappen,
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

      4. (3,57)   Department of Economics, Oxford University    

      5. (4,93)   Department of Economics, University of California-San Diego

Top 2014 Authors in the field of Utility & Prospect Theories
(#, (rank), name):

      1. (1,56)   Peter P. Wakker    

      2. (2,88)   Larry G. Epstein    

      3. (5,48)   Harry M. Markowitz

      4. (7,50)   Andrei Shleifer    

      5. (8,32)   Peter E. Rossi    

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Will there be a dollar crisis?   (Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman)
"Almost everyone believes that the US current account deficit must eventually end, and that this end will involve dollar depreciation. However, many believe that this depreciation will take place gradually.
... any process of gradual dollar decline fast enough ... would impose capital losses on investors much larger than they currently expect.
As a result, there will at some point have to be ... a point at which expectations are revised, and the dollar drops sharply ..."   more ...

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Principle of Uncertain Future
The theorem of existence of ruptures in the probability scale is proved.
The general lemma: If the mean of a variable tends to a border of a final range then the central moments of a variable tends to 0.
The general theorem: If the central moment of a variable cannot come nearer to zero more close, than on finite value, then the mean of a variable cannot come nearer to border of this range more close, than on finite value.
The theorem for probability: Let the probability is a limit to which the probability estimation tends. Then, if the mean of the estimation of probability cannot come nearer to border of this range more close, than on finite value the similar statement is true for probability also.

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